"Emotional Management for a better future", 17-23.11.2017

"Emotional Management for a better future" was a training course, targeted to adult education staff. It lasted 7 days and it was carried out by our partners from Spain, Cantabria Permakultura in Cantabria (Spain). The project aimed to bring three trainers interested in widening their emotional management perspective and different experts in the topic into contact. During this course, we worked to know and identify the emotions and to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes to help education staff to work on emotional issues. It also allowed us to share and improve our perspective on the different Key Actions, and to trigger the development of future collaborative projects under the Erasmus Plus Programme. 
The methodology of the course was participative, including theoretical and practical aspects about emotions. 

The four main goals, in which the activity programme was based, are:
- Promoting a better understanding of emotions and offering the proper knowledge and tools for their management.
- Exchanging good practices about the emotional management for education staff.
- Developing programmes and ideas, so as to collaborate in the future, in possible KA1, KA2 and KA3 actions.
- Getting to know new ICTs (so as to facilitate virtual collaborations), as well as the keys for a financial viability which can help us to develop self-sustainable projects. 

Regarding the impact of the project, the participants have improved their capacity to identify feelings and emotions, and their ability to manage them, and help others to do so, when working with adult learners. That led to an easier communication, to a better psychosocial well-being, and made them multipliers of that knowledge. The emotional management is a special effective tool in preventing social exclusion of disadvantaged adult´s groups. But it is also a transversal tool, that can be applied in any kind of project and can benefit to all the collectives which use it (children, young people, etc), to a regional, national and international levels.
In a long-term perspective, this project will have also a positive impact in both organisations, as we will be able to include the project results as part of our pedagogical framework and practice. In addition, we expand our European network, and the innovation and quality of our projects.

We also met new friends and spent an amazing week in fantastic place, on the North of Spain. We are going on with our work together for Better Future...