IntegrArtMus, CMS in Molins de Rei, Barcelona, Spain

28.6.-4.7.2016 I was happy to participate in IntegrArtMus - Contact Making Seminar in Molins de Rei, 18 km from Barcelona.

It was unforgetable meeting with people from 30 countries, including 15 Europe countries, Russia, Belorus, Ukraine and Mediterrian countries. 30 workers in the field of youth and heades of institutions. The participants have got a great possibility to be linked with the partner organisations, interested to submit a European projects under the Erasmus+ program.  

We have got a lot of new tools and ideas for our work, personal contacts with people from different countries and new possibilities.  

We made a great base for new common projects. We could distribute our responsibilities between delegates of other countries for advance. We could share our knowledge, skills and ideas with other participants.

We also visited a local project, the Centre of Culture and Civilisation in Molins de Rei.  

We we happy to be eyewitnesses of Castell, Human Towers, an amasing traditional festival of Catalonia. People, who make Castells, named castellersThe motto of Castellers is "Força, equilibri, valor i seny" (Strength, balance, courage and common sense). They are really strong, able to keep balance like Circus equilibrists, very brave and have a strong common sense. 

We also had a time to visiting of Barcelona, to see amasing works of Antoni Gaudi, full day life and full night life. Warm sand and salt waves... Music and dancing all the night. When they are sleeping? Only at time of siesta maybe...

And we have got a lot of new friends from different countires and many-many new ideas and resorses for future work...

We hope to go on with our projects, we start to discuss during the project.

I am sincerely grateful to the organisers of the project, Radikal Records, the Youth Organisation of Spain. 


Ludmila Saarinen