Documentary about Save Nature Save Future -project in Tippsund, 10-17.8.2015

Save Nature Save Future, Youth Exchange in Tippsund, 10.-17.8.2015

 Where: Tippsund-camp, Taivassalo, Turku, Finland

 When: 10.-17.8.2015

 Young people of 15-18 y.o. from Spain, Italy, Lithuania and Finland met in beautiful camp on the Baltic sea coast for thinking about saving of environment in different countries of Europe and to make own decisions. We wanted the young generation to be aware of the actual problems the environment faces and debate on climate changes, nature protection and biodiversity. The main goal was to find some practical solutions that can be implemented in the communities they belong, to solve the problems with the help of non-formal education.


Young people had prepared their presentations about saving of environment and ecological problems in their countries and shown to other participants in the camp. They discussed about necessity of nature protection and tried to explain it to others by means of non-formal learning. 


During Art of Reuse -workshops the participants learned how to renew their old T-shirts, to get free souvenirs from Finland and send their message to people.


During Pantomime –workshops the participants learnt how to use your body language, gestures, facial expressions. They made stories for children about necessity of nature protection and shown the stories by means of pantomime to children in Timantti –theatre in Turku.  


The participants also shared with others their culture traditions, cuisine, games, music, dancing during culture evenings.


They also enjoyed yoga lessons on the nature, swimming in the sea, boating and sauna.


They have sent video messages to people about necessity to save nature. 


We are extremely thankful to our Project partners:


1) Sirius ry, Finland,

 2) Join Association, Italy,

 3) Asociacija „Apkabink Europą“, Lithuania,

 4) CD El Bosque de Hielo, Spain

 5 participant / country age 15-18 y.o. + 1 leader


5) Antonina Popova, Juventa -Youth Theatre, St.Petersburg, Russia

 6) Tatiana Isaeva, St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, Russia

 7) Karl Rautio and Roman Kiuru, Fenix Ry, Jyväskylä, Finland.