MOVE FOR HEALTH - Youth Exchange in Italy, 13 – 20.5.2016

Move for Health -project in Italy

MOVE FOR HEALTH - Youth Exchange in Italy, 18 – 25 of September 2015

What we aim to achieve trough this project is to offer to the youth people the opportunity to discover and reflect about what may be the
benefits from a correct and wellbeing lifestyle and experiment in their own. We want also that the physical activities and eating healthy, become
tools to promote among youth active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity.
Therefore, through this project we would like to reach the following specific aims:
- to support the social and educational growth of young people, promoting social inclusion, respect for the others, integration and diversity;
- to encourage the integration of young people with fewer opportunities;
- to encourage young people to lead an active life in a society where people are sedentary and inactive;
- to promote the knowledge of other cultures and the comparison on the different behaviours and habits about nutrition and physical activity;
- to support young people in creating a lifestyle based on health and wellbeing in a broader sense (physical, mental and social);
The first exchange will be dedicated on the issue of sedentary life: we will organize outdoor activities (games on the beach, volleyball, beach
soccer, water games, short boat trips) during which we will embroil the participants in activities for underline the advantages of sports and active
life. In the meantime, we will arrange also round table of discussion and confrontation where every participants can explain and share their
personal experience (habits, behaviours and ideas) about the advantages and disadvantages of a sedentary or dynamic life habits.
During the second exchange, we will focus the attention on the theme of a correct nutrition way of life. Then, we will realize food education
activities as for example cookery workshops and games where participants will learn some techniques and methods for cooking healthy, learn to
know what are seasonal fruits and vegetables, what are the proper food combinations (consumption of meat, fruit, cheeses, pastas and grains,
etc.) to a correct diet. Moreover we will organise moments of discussion among the participants and with professional and expert figure, for
example regarding how to reach a correct food behaviour and then prevent serious health problem, such as heart diseases, obesity, anorexia or
The youths at the end of the project will acquire information and significant knowledge to change the way of thinking, acting in relation to
health matters and will be more mindful of the problems that can lead to sedentary lifestyles and incorrect food behaviours. In addition they will
increase awareness on the importance to identify common values with people from different countries in spite of their cultural differences and
challenge viewpoints that perpetuate inequality and discrimination.