SIRIUS, the International Society for Youth Initiatives.

If there is darkness -

There must be light

Viktor Tsoi



The Organisation is located in Turku, Finland. The Organization provides support for youth initiatives in education, culture and sports, as well as to attract professionals in various fields for implementation of youth projects. The purpose of the Organization is also creating of favourable conditions for joint the work of youth organizations in Europe. The Organization is a non-profit, autonomous and independent of political ideas and beliefs.


To implement the aim, the Organisation can organise

- thematic events and camps for young people

- culture- and education events

- after-school activities for young people 
- language courses and sports activities 
- tours, including the international ones 
- an international voluntary services 
- study visits and seminars 
- information activities 


to cooperate with the other youth organizations 
support and implement all these functions at the local level and internationally 

For supporting of their activities the Organisation 
may hold raffles and bazaars, apply for education helps and grants, receive the testaments and donations, implement small public work, own movable and immovable property.

 Account number: IBAN FI78 4108 0010 3711 88    


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